Midtown Stomp, June 7, 2019

I don’t have much to say about this set, except that when one of the most experienced dancers in your scene comes over to the DJ booth and complains that they’ve been trying to leave for the past half hour and can’t because your songs are keeping them on the floor, you’re probably doing something right.

A special favorite of mine from this set was “Ruint” by Johnny Hodges (of course; and by the way, in case anyone asks, I do not get “turnt,” I get “ruint”). The last three songs flowed together into a slow jam circle in the middle of the floor with most of the people who stuck it out until midnight.

Once midnight rolled around and we were ready to put away triple steps for the night, I put on a few extra songs I’ve been grooving to recently. They are not swing songs but do not fret; you can still dance to them.

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