Salt City Stomp, May 3-5, 2019

At the beginning of this month I trekked out to Salt Lake City on my first-ever visit to Utah for Salt City Stomp! If you’ve never been, here are some things to know about Salt Lake City: it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, it is full of wonderful dancers, and it has at least one really good banh mi place.

I had signed up for classes, and then discovered that I was scheduled to DJ Lindy late nights on both Friday and Saturday nights, so I decided to pretend I was in college again and do all the things! This made my weekend a whirlwind of dance, sleep, eat, repeat, and although I was exhausted, I had a blast. 

This was my Friday late night set – I tried to keep tempos up to contrast with the blues/soul room upstairs, and had fun with songs I usually wouldn’t play during main dances – “Mutiny In The Nursery” by the King Cole Trio and “Robbin’s Nest” by Illinois Jacquet (which honestly has such a sweet saxophone melody I think I’m going to bring it into my regular rotation).

Saturday night ran out of the people pretty soon after my set started at 2am, so my set was shorter and focused on a slower tempo range with punchy melodies. I included “Salty Papa Blues,” a great track with both Dinah Washington and Lionel Hampton, as well as “Bend One,” an easy, funky Johnny Hodges tune that always makes me want to dance.

I’m grateful to Salt City Stomp for having me, and to the various lovely folks who hosted me, fed me, and drove me all over Salt Lake City. Looking forward to visiting again next year!

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