The year of 300 songs

I recently invested in an upgraded laptop, and in the process of transferring my DJ library, I trimmed it down to the songs that I really like to play.

Looking through my newly pared-down library, I noticed that I tend to stick with certain artists that I know I like, and I want to expand my musical comfort zone. This year I am setting myself the challenge of adding 300 new songs to my DJ library!

While I often consult for free music, I am privileged to be able to buy music from iTunes when I want a particular version of a song, and to buy modern music from Bandcamp or directly from artists at events to put more proceeds towards supporting their music.

My plan for collecting music this year is to spend more time listening to swing jazz on Spotify while I’m at work – I spent the last three or four months slowly acclimating my colleagues to music in the lab, so I don’t have to wear my DJ headphones all day. They have great sound quality, but the huge ear cushions can hurt my ears after a few hours. I’ll collect songs I like into a Spotify playlist, and then hunt down or purchase 5-7 songs from that playlist every weekend.

The artists I want to explore more this year include Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington, LaVern Baker, Cootie Williams, Mildred Bailey, and Jimmie Lunceford. Watch for them in my sets!

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