Midtown Stomp, October 26, 2018

One of the things I really like about being a swing DJ is that, even though I’ve cultivated a collection of hundreds of songs, I only get 20-30 songs each set to work with, so I’m always trying to combine them in new and creative ways. I had a couple of fun juxtapositions in this Midtown Stomp set to share!


One great pairing came early on – “This Can’t Be Love” by Joe Williams with Count Basie, which has a smooth and polished sound, followed by the much more free-flowing energy of “Windy City Hop” by Slim Gaillard (and Slam Stewart).

Another fun transition was between “Jersey Bounce” by Peter Liu and the Pollcats, a modern band with a professional sound and soft piping saxophone and clarinet, and “Sing Me A Swing Song” by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, a very peppy, very vintage piece.

Finally, I was so happy to play “Rag Mop” by Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra. The first time I ever recall hearing the song “Rag Mop” was from a live band – #TrustInTheRuss? – at SwingIN 2017. I danced with Sonia Ortega to that song, and Sonia, who speaks Spanish primarily, sang along with every word! It was a wonderful dance, and I always think of it whenever I hear or play “Rag Mop.”

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