Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

On the recent album release from the Brooks Prumo Orchestra, Pass The Bounce, there’s a phenomenal rendition of the tune “Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid.” The team Southeast Scramble even used it to snag first place in the team choreography competition at Dayton Swing Smackdown this year! Check it out:

But long before Brooks Prumo made “Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid” a song that could catapult Lindy Hop teams to victory, Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins had created their own rocking version, and it swings just as hard as the Brooks Prumo cover. Check it out:

In this 1958 performance on Art Ford’s TV show “Jazz Party,” the piece starts with a pretty epic bass solo, which is then joined by an old-timey electric guitar. Then a clarinet comes on board, and after that, the familiar chorus kicks in, with Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins both in the front row on tenor saxophones. This clip also has a wonderful vibraphones player – I don’t know who he is, but he’s outstanding! After getting through the chorus once, the band proceeds to jam for eight more minutes. If you have time, let the clip play in the background and listen to the whole thing – it’s all so great!

Just for another point of comparison, here’s a studio recording version from Lester Young that you might hear at a dance, although I probably wouldn’t DJ it – the beat is not super swung, and it focuses more on Young’s solo improvisation. The tempo is a bit more mellow, and it features a lot of Young noodling around on that beautiful tenor sax, so it’s certainly lovely to listen to. Enjoy!

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