The Stomp in Lansing, March 24, 2018

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to feel “inspired” when I DJ. Like in this set, for instance. I sat down to DJ and felt like I was lacking some inspiration. Maybe it’s because the floor wasn’t very full at first, or because I didn’t know many of the people there that night.

Stomp 03-24-2018

I guess it’s unreasonable to expect myself to feel amazing about every single set I DJ…but still. What is it that makes me inspired to play a great set? I think some things would be if the floor is already really full, if I’m picking up breaks for a great band, or if I just got new music that I really like. Those all lend that indescribable energy that I need to help hit every moment with the right tune.

My favorite songs from this set were the last two, “Shorty’s Got to Go” from Glenn Crytzer’s new album, Ain’t It Grand, and Maxine Sullivan’s rendition of “Massachusetts.” Both alternative takes of more popular original versions, but I love Glenn’s perky vocals on “Shorty,” and Maxine’s sweet take of “Massachusetts.” The piano part on “Shorty” is one of the most recognizable parts of the original tune, and I think Glenn Crytzer’s pianist nails it.

I’m traveling a lot in April: see you at FLEx at Bowling Green State University this weekend, and LAFLX at Purdue University the following weekend!

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