Friday Night Swing, February 9, 2018

Due to a freakish blizzard and a miraculously cancelled speech tournament, I was able to attend Friday Night Swing last night at my own scene, the Hillsdale Hepcats. (It’s hard to be the president when you’re constantly away at tournaments and dance events!) I took over DJing second set for one of my dear officers who was in bed with the flu, and it was a fun little set to do.

FNS 2018-02-09

Before open dance, my teaching partner and I had taught week 2 of our Charleston series, so I tossed in “Wham Rebop Boom Bam” by Peter Liu and the Pollcats, which is a great alternative to the Jimmie Lunceford. I love Jimmie Lunceford, don’t get me wrong, but the version I have of his rendition of “Wham Rebop Boom Bam” is scratchy and the beat can be hard to hear. Peter Liu’s version is much clearer and easier to follow.

Otherwise, I tried out a few tunes that are new to my library, including a rendition of “Mr. Rhythm” by Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles and a sweetly hilarious live version of “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” by Ella Fitzgerald from the recently released album Live at Zardi’s. In this version, she copies a few famous singers of the day to humorous effect, and it’s fun to dance along as the audience laughs.

I’m heading to Ann Arbor tonight to take care of band breaks and a Mix & Match competition at a Valentine’s Day swing dance. Stay warm, and I look forward to sharing tonight’s set with you!

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