The Stomp, January 20, 2018

Barely a week after arriving back in Michigan from my holiday break, I had the opportunity to DJ for my friends up in Lansing at the Stomp! I love this scene – its leaders are working so hard to cultivate an engaging atmosphere for all the attendees, and very soon they will be making the switch to weekly Saturday night dances, which is super exciting. I’m always happy to make the drive up to Lansing and support them!

Stomp 2018-01-20

The best song in this set was definitely “Corner Pocket: Until I Met You” by Joe Williams. It’s new to my library, but is rapidly becoming a favorite, as so many dancers are familiar with the Count Basie instrumental version of “Corner Pocket” and don’t know that the song actually has really sweet lyrics! And of course, Joe Williams has delightful, energetic vocals, so this track is perfect for picking up the floor, which is exactly what it did in Lansing.

One thing I noticed was that when I played “Simple Sweet Embrace” by the Brooks Prumo Orchestra, which at a respectable 127 BPM should be a good tempo for beginners, it felt reeeeeeally slow after enjoying a few songs at a faster clip, and it totally cleared the floor! I was okay with that, because then playing “You’re The Top” (always a good recovery song) went off really well, but it was interesting to observe how that energy drop didn’t attract any beginners onto the floor like I was hoping – they seemed much more interested in music with a stronger energy, even if it was faster and a bit more difficult to follow.

If you’re going to SparX 2018 in Cleveland, OH, I’ll see you there! I’ll be DJing band breaks on Friday night, so come jazz out at the Forest City Brewery with me and Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five!


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