Ann Arbor Friday Night Swing Holiday Party, December 15, 2017

My final exams ended at 2pm on Friday, December 15, and that evening I hightailed it up to Ann Arbor to DJ band breaks at the Friday Night Swing Holiday Party, featuring the Aston Neighborhood Pleasure Club.

A2FNS 2017-12-15

This playlist contains two band break sets – the first was “Love Walked In” through “Count on Lindy,” and the second was “The Gentleman Is a Dope” through “Blue Rhythm Swing.” You’ll notice that a few artists appear in these brief sets twice – Van Alexander’s Blue Rhythm Band, the Brooks Prumo Orchestra, and Peter Liu and the Pollcats. I heard Van Alexander’s phenomenal tune, “Let’s Get Together,” on Mr. Ben’s Songs of the Week, a podcast from Soulacious Mr. Ben, a Lindy Hop DJ in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Or Sweden. I’m not sure.) When I looked up Van Alexander on iTunes, I found a fantastic album called The Home of Happy Feet and fell head over heels for its joyful sound, so of course I immediately bought the whole thing. In this set I played “Blue Rhythm Be-Bop” and “Blue Rhythm Swing,” both of which are from the smaller group that appears on the album, Van Alexander’s Blue Rhythm Band. The album also features songs from Van Alexander and His Orchestra.

The Brooks Prumo Orchestra and Peter Liu and the Pollcats both who released albums in the last few months, which I heard about from Hey Mister Jesse, another great swing music podcast. Their new albums, Pass the Bounce and Count on Lindy, are full of wonderful swing music with incredible recording quality – always a treat amongst all the scratchy vintage stuff we put up with. The links above are from Bandcamp, which I really encourage you to use if you buy these albums – the bands get much more of the proceeds from Bandcamp than they do from iTunes, so it’s a good way to support them and help them record more great music! “Count on Lindy,” the title tune from Peter Liu and the Pollcats, is an especially vibrant swinger – I encourage you to check it out!

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