The Stomp, November 4, 2017

While all the cool people were dancing to live street music in St. Louis this weekend at the Nevermore Jazz Ball, I was home in Michigan spinning tunes for my friends at the Stomp in Lansing! I had the opportunity to teach a drop-in lesson with my teaching partner from Hillsdale, and when it turned out that most of the class already knew six-count basic, we quickly regrouped and turned it into a lesson on six-count circles, tuck turns, inside turns, and inside pass bys. Our students did really well – I’m so proud of them!

Stomp 2017-11-04

I took first set, and I started out with some energetic tunes – “Let Yourself Go,” “I Love Being Here With You,” “Sunday” – to get the room moving. People seemed to chill out about twenty minutes in, so the songs got gentler – “Perdido,” “My Heart Stood Still” – and I almost cleared the floor with “A Jumpin’s Something.” (The energy picked back up, though, so it was okay.) The new song here is “Booze Brothers” by Count Basie, which is a great tune with a punchy rhythm that really fills the floor (for alllll five minutes and seven seconds of it).


We got to bring two freshmen from Hillsdale to the Stomp with us, and they said they really enjoyed it. (Fist pump.) I hope we get to return soon!

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