Thank You For A 75% Female DJ Lineup, Lindy Focus

I’m not going to Lindy Focus this year. I’ve never been, and I think it might be a few more years before I make it down to Asheville for the biggest US swing event of the year. But I wanted to give a special shoutout to Lindy Focus for sending the following news to my inbox:


We’re so unbelievably thrilled to announce this year’s lineup of vintage dance music experts who will keep the social dancing going before, after, and in-between all the live music! Please give them a warm welcome:

Ryan Swift (Head DJ – New York, NY, USA)
Helena Martins (São Paulo, Brazil)
Laura Knight (London, UK)
Shana Worel (Altadena, CA, USA)
Meghan Gilmore (Montreal, QC, CAN)
Erica Vess (Richmond, VA, USA)
Mike Marcotte (Washington, DC, USA)
Andi Hansen (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

That’s right, your eyes are not lying to you – six out of eight DJs at Lindy Focus will be women, including Andi Hansen from my own state of Michigan! (Go Andi!) In the past, there’s been some controversy over the male-dominated swing DJ scene, and it’s really awesome to see an event as prominent as Focus shining a spotlight on the talents of female DJs from around the world. If you’re going to Focus, you should get hype, because it looks like the music will be amazing!

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