Swing Ann Arbor, October 25, 2017

Happy Halloween! Here’s a fun little set I got to spin last week for my friends at Swing Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan’s swing dance club. Even though I’ve danced regularly (read: once-a-month-ish, or whenever I can get out of Hillsdale) at Swing Ann Arbor for more than a year, this is somehow the first time I’ve DJed for them. I had a great time, and I hope all the dancers did too!

SAA 10.25.2017

I recently went on an Artie Shaw and Chick Webb binge on jazz-on-line.com, so some songs from this set were new ones that I had to try out – “Love Walked In,” “Rhythm and Romance,” “Kasbah,” and “Pack Up Your Sins and Go To the Devil.” I’m really loving “Kasbah” these days – it starts out with this suspenseful feel that kind of reminds me of Lawrence of Arabia, and then gradually turns into this driving swinger that is super fun to dance to.

I had to throw in “Tain’t What You Do” since Swing Ann Arbor hosted a Shim Sham workshop that evening, which I attended and really enjoyed! I learned a variation on pushes that involves hopping on the kick…it was good. And I also played Count Basie’s “Jive at Five” so that I could practice the Trickeration routine I learned at Rocktober this year.

I had a brief moment of panic at the end of this set where I told the organizers I had one more song coming, and then they asked for two more songs, and I ended up going with “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” which is pretty similar to “All the Things You Are” in terms of energy and sound.  I wish I’d picked something a bit more different – but they’re both such great tunes, I don’t think anyone minded!

Coming soon: I’m DJing at the Stomp in Lansing this Saturday, November 4! Come swing out to some sweet tunes (you might hear “Kasbah” again…) and dance with me!

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